Pink Method Smoothie Recipe

Friday, December 16, 2011 | at 9:28 AM

Pink Method

The P.I.N.K. technique could be a system for quick weight loss that mixes diet and exercise for long-term results. P.I.N.K. stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition, and Kardio (Dr. Phil was fast to suggests that Cardio is spelled with a C) : ) it's designed specifically for ladies that are in sensible health and aren't pregnant and/or nursing.

P.I.N.K. MethodCynthia Pasquella explained to Dr. Phil and his viewers that the Pink Method was “designed by ladies for ladies to provide fast weight loss while not abandoning health edges. P.I.N.K. could be a fusion diet mixing workouts with food.” It’s a three-phase set up that gently introduces your body to raised nutrition and sustainable workouts.

The PINK technique is exclusive as a result of it's designed specifically for a woman’s desires. it's a step by step method that's in contrast to the other program on the market these days. they need divided the system into four stages, that include:

    P.I.N.K. Reset – this can be a brief time detoxifying stage that's designed to allow your metabolism a lift.
    P.I.N.K. Primary – this can be a fat-fighting diet stage that introduces your body to high-energy foods that has the fuel your body can want throughout the part one fitness program.
    7-Day Shred – this can be a seven day program that features a “Shred Soup” that may assist you lose those previous couple of pounds, further as facilitate to forestall weight loss plateaus.
    P.I.N.K. Preservation – this can be the sustainable weight management program that may assist you keep that weight off. this can be the key to your long-term weight loss success.

Dr. PhilThe PINK technique strategy is that these stages embody the mix of diet and exercise that job along to produce most results for weight loss. Intense Work-Out that's doable by most women… in contrast to different programs you will have tried just like the P90X or Insanity Workouts.

What i favor most regarding the Pink Method is that no food cluster is eliminated. This eliminates cravings from not being allowed to eat a selected food. The exercises aren't too intense; but, they challenge you by encouraging you to create up on the number of reps you probably did within the previous workout. There are several weight loss testimonials that have proven this diet works quick. The P.I.N.K. Preservation stage ensures that this weight can stay off.

Pink Method

It’s not that expensive either… for a one-time payment of $68 or 2 payments of $40 and shipping… you get the PINK technique Nutritional guide, the PINK technique DVD’s, a wristband, membership to their VIP Club and more… terribly affordable.

Vitamix skilled Series BlenderSo… on the Dr. Phil show, the women from PINK technique ready a Pink Method Smoothie Recipe, and by the approach, they used the Vitamix 1709 CIA skilled Blender that in my opinion is that the Best Blender on the Market at once and if you were lucky enough to be in Dr. Phil’s audience on Tuesday… everybody there got a free Vitamix 1709 CIA skilled Blender. Dr. Phil is AWESOME!

Now I don’t even have the official PINK technique Smoothie Recipe, however I watched closely and came up with my very own version of this delicious pink smoothie:

Jump-start your metabolism with a protein made fruit and yogurt shake. This recipe are enough for two servings, therefore have one for breakfast and one for lunch, then follow your PINK technique Nutrition guide for Dinner beside your Pink Method exercise program and watch the pounds soften away!

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